We are open for your essential foot care needs!!! If you are in need of foot care, please contact us by email or phone to arrange an appointment. Rest assured that we are taking every precaution necessary to ensure a clean and safe environment in accordance Public Health Ontario and the College of Chiropodists. Your health is our top priority.

At Bloor West Foot Clinic, we take a unique approach to foot care, specializing in holistic non-invasive, non-
surgical options for your foot pain that provide real results. Our services treat a wide range of foot problems,
from ankle, heel or knee pain, to bunions, hammer toes, ingrown nails, warts and corns.

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Green P parking is avail- able just north of Bloor St. on Beresford Avenue.

Steps from Runnymede Station along Bloor- Danforth subway line.

Many people have thick, yellowed or distorted toenails as a result of fungus or trauma. Now we can provide a safe, painless and comfortable way to restore the appearance of your nails.

Keryflex Nail Restoration System is a flexible resin that bonds seamlessly to your existing nail creating a prosthetic nail that looks and feels just like your own. It creates a waterproof seal to discourage fungal growth making it ideal to use in conjunction with anti-fungal treatments. Keryflex nails are strong and flexible and can be painted, shaped and trimmed just like a real nail.

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Ingrown toenails, also know as onychocryptosis, can be extremely painful and can lead to dangerous infections. Many people suffer from ingrown nails on an ongoing basis due to involution, a condition in which the nail edges curve deep into the corners of the toes.

While careful trimming can provide relief, the pain often returns as the nail grows back. Toenail removal surgery can provide long term relief, but is not always a good option for many people.

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Foot mobilisation technique (FMT) is a gentle, hands-on therapy that corrects misaligned joints in the feet and legs. Since joint misalignment is often the source of pain, FMT addresses the underlying cause of the problem, instead of masking it.

Combined with a structured foot exercise program, your feet will become a solid foundation to your body the way nature intended. This treatment takes a long term approach, with the goal of giving you strong, resilient feet for life.

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Cold Laser Therapy is the use of low intensity laser light to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and repair damaged tissues. Unlike surgical lasers that cut or destroy tissues, cold laser uses a lower intensity to stimulate cellular healing.

Because cold laser therapy works on the cellular level to promote healing, it has a wide variety of uses, from diabetic wounds, to acute injuries like ankle sprains or bone fractures, to arthritis. Cold Laser Therapy is extremely safe and completely non-invasive.

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